Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Juniper's Leak (HBO's Big Love)

Statutory rape... Well prior to this season I must admit that I would have never seen this twist coming. But let's face it, Bill may be Juniper Creek's "leak" that has caused the most run off, but he isn't as far off the reservation as he'd like to think. In his own home there is not only a wife whom he married while she was still only sixteen, but there is also Nicki's daughter who is currently in a relationship with a man who will be arrested should their deeds ever be discovered. But luckily Margene, the previously underage wife, is the only one who currently has any suspicions.

And I guess that conveniently segues into a rant about Margene. As I mentioned last week, her obvious character flaws are only tolerated because of her looks and charm. Otherwise she would have been kicked to the curb long ago... unless you consider her truly blameless for: the near affair she had with Ana and her boyfriend... ...the crush Ben (Bill's son!) had on her... or the fact that her husband's political career and freedom are now in jeopardy because she lied about her age.

And where Ben is concerned, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure most women have an innate understanding of how such things happen and a sixth sense for when they are budding. Margene is no longer young enough to feign naivety. She pranced around in skimpy outfits, giggled, and confided.... Somehow I think she should have at least responded to his love letter with a more sincere acknowledgement that she should have seen it coming. But that's just me.

As far as the new Mrs. Nicolette Grant Hendrickson is concerned, all I can say is watch out!! If the Grants have shown us anything it's that they love power and don't mind abusing it. And what bothers me most is how easily Bill is manipulated by Nicki. It should not be difficult (even for him) to see who causes most of the trouble among the wives. Barb has been loyal to a fault and Margene is as sweet as she is wishy washy. Why on earth would any leader (head of the house or otherwise) give someone with Grant DNA one ounce more of power than he has to???

Seriously, I don't think the show is ending after this season for any other reason than the fact that Nicki is pure evil and there will be nothing left of the others within a few more episodes. Once that happens, "Big Love" is going to be replaced with a spin off call "Serious Tyranny".

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Juniper's Leak (HBO's Big Love)

Of all the blogs and commentaries I've ever written it suddenly occurs to me that I have missed a golden opportunity with "Big Love". This HBO drama is quite easily one of my top 20 favorite shows EVER. And it's certainly in my top 5 currently. I mean, what's not to like? There are all kinds of characters, intrigue, and (of course) women! Multiple women! Every man's fantasy. Well, every straight man's fantasy.

In this, the last season of the series, it feels as if the whole apple cart has suddenly been tipped over and the sidewalk is a carnival of beautiful chaos as brightly colored fruit rolls in every direction. It's upsetting, colorful, and entertaining all at once. It's as if each character has been unleashed to push the limits of their personal boundaries.

Nikki, is of course, still Nikki. But now showing her hair down softer side (yet still vicious as ever). She has epitomized the determination of an aggressive women who is after "her man". Somewhat sweet in a romantic kind of way but mostly disturbing should you happen to stand in her way. No matter what her hair style, she will always be Alby's sister and the daughter of a really creepy man she insists on calling "Papa".

Barb is usually the sensible "first wife" who has always possessed an air of dignity and a hint repressed resentment for the journey her husband has taken her on. The obvious beauty of her youth has long since been eroded by the exhaustion from years of drama she could have done without. The current melt down she's experiencing is long over due!

Margene also continues to be Margene. She is always about ten minutes away from having an affair while simultaneously being an enthusiastic cheerleader for Bill. The revelation that she was only sixteen when she married Bill only adds to her wishy washy reputation. I find it hard to love her but even harder not to be a little bit infatuated with her. Her youthful energy and adorable looks somehow seems to play on my tendency as red blooded male to overlook her obvious character flaws. But oh well, what can you do?

Alby is really just a guy who is due to climb a clock tower on some college campus and start shooting at any moment. This dude missed his exit for crazy town several long miles ago. The thought that real humans are subject (somewhere) to real versions of this dirt covered lollipop disturbs me to my core.

And last but not least we have Bill. This man's troubles are enough to caution anyone against the misleading allure of having more than one woman in your life! And I'll leave it simply with that!