Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Juniper's Leak (HBO's Big Love)

Statutory rape... Well prior to this season I must admit that I would have never seen this twist coming. But let's face it, Bill may be Juniper Creek's "leak" that has caused the most run off, but he isn't as far off the reservation as he'd like to think. In his own home there is not only a wife whom he married while she was still only sixteen, but there is also Nicki's daughter who is currently in a relationship with a man who will be arrested should their deeds ever be discovered. But luckily Margene, the previously underage wife, is the only one who currently has any suspicions.

And I guess that conveniently segues into a rant about Margene. As I mentioned last week, her obvious character flaws are only tolerated because of her looks and charm. Otherwise she would have been kicked to the curb long ago... unless you consider her truly blameless for: the near affair she had with Ana and her boyfriend... ...the crush Ben (Bill's son!) had on her... or the fact that her husband's political career and freedom are now in jeopardy because she lied about her age.

And where Ben is concerned, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure most women have an innate understanding of how such things happen and a sixth sense for when they are budding. Margene is no longer young enough to feign naivety. She pranced around in skimpy outfits, giggled, and confided.... Somehow I think she should have at least responded to his love letter with a more sincere acknowledgement that she should have seen it coming. But that's just me.

As far as the new Mrs. Nicolette Grant Hendrickson is concerned, all I can say is watch out!! If the Grants have shown us anything it's that they love power and don't mind abusing it. And what bothers me most is how easily Bill is manipulated by Nicki. It should not be difficult (even for him) to see who causes most of the trouble among the wives. Barb has been loyal to a fault and Margene is as sweet as she is wishy washy. Why on earth would any leader (head of the house or otherwise) give someone with Grant DNA one ounce more of power than he has to???

Seriously, I don't think the show is ending after this season for any other reason than the fact that Nicki is pure evil and there will be nothing left of the others within a few more episodes. Once that happens, "Big Love" is going to be replaced with a spin off call "Serious Tyranny".